Thursday, August 25, 2011

INSECT Pro v.2.6.1 - Ultimate

INSECT Pro is a new free tool for Penetration Testing and the ultimate resource to demonstrate the security or vulnerability of your network.

INSECT Pro goes beyond simply detecting vulnerabilities to safely exploiting them. The first free integrated vulnerability and penetration testing tool, INSECT is part of the complete solution Insecurity Research offers to evaluate the vulnerabilities on your network

The product’s user friendly interface has -among other options- the choice between an offensive and inoffensive attack that gives the user the ability to make different kinds of attacks without the possibility of damage and includes functions for generating complete and comprehensive reports from the gathered information.

Supported Platforms and Installations
– Windows XP,2003,Vista,2008 Server,and Windows 7 (requires Python and.NET)
– Automatic regular weekly updates
– Contains the lastest exploits on the wild!


Video Demo:

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