Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inguma v.0.4 Released

Inguma is a penetration testing toolkit entirely written in python. The framework includes modules to discover hosts, gather information about, fuzz targets, brute force user names and passwords and, of course, exploits.

New features added:

-The GUI has been modified and cleaned in order to give more space to the most active areas like the network map, the RCE interface or the exploits/fuzzing areas.
-Last opened/saved KB are now easily accesible on the toolbar.
-The bottom status bar has gained more functionality showing information regarding KB in use and targets or vulnerabilities discovered.
-A new fuzzing tab has been added to the Exploits workspace with two different fuzzers: Krash and Scapy
-Krash fuzzer has been part of Inguma project for a while but now it can be used directly from the GUI. Just select the target, the packet to be fuzzed and press start. Read more about Krash fuzzer here.
-The Scapy fuzzer is a GUI wrapper to the scapy's fuzz function that makes network fuzzing very easy. It's full drag-and-drop-driven and, in order to start, you just have to compose a packet by dropping layers, select the layers/fields to be fuzzed and select an output directory to save the sent and received packets.

.....and much more


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