Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Enter at your own Risk Cyber Awareness Magazine Released

As we promised last month,The Hacker News along with Security-FAQs, SecManiac, Korben, and SecTechno have come together to bring you an outstanding array of internet security and hacking information.  

Lee Ives from London, England talk about internet security for your children and what to watch out for and how to protect them and yourself.  

Pierluigi Paganini takes us on a visit to China and makes us wonder just how influential China’s hacking is on world internet security.

Mourad Ben Lakhoua takes us on a scary journey of what new Malwares are lurking about and what to expect in the future  

Patti Galle’s article on SOPA  

Manuel Dorne, administrator from Korben gives us a look at Mozilla Firefox security tools. A must for any techie interested in “how to.”

My submission about DefCamp,the first Romanian Security Conference.Thanks to Andrei Avadanei that is also the Founder 

And finally,a good read about politics in general in “No Turning Back” by The Hacker News editorial staff.

Download PDF: http://news.thehackernews.com

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