Friday, January 13, 2012

Updates: Autoruns v11.21, Coreinfo v3.03, PortMon v 3.03 and Process Explorer v15.12

Autoruns v11.21: This update to Autoruns fixes a number of minor bugs, including one that could result in a crash when certain scheduled tasks are configured.

Coreinfo v3.03: Coreinfo, a command-line utility that dumps information about a system’s CPU topology and capabilities, now reports the presence of TSC (timestamp counter) Invariant support.

Portmon v3.03: Portmon, a utility for monitoring serial and parallel port traffic, includes some minor bug fixes and user-interface consistency updates.

Process Explorer v15.12: This update to Process Explorer makes the search dialog asynchronous and reports the types of found items. It also fixes several bugs, including showing a small font when run after an older version, a bug in the restart-process functionality, working set columns not showing data, and again shows information about service processes when run from an unprivileged user account.  


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