Friday, February 17, 2012

Intersect v.2.0 Automated post-exploitation tool for Linux

Intersect 2.0 is a Python script written to perform automated Post-Exploitation information gathering and reporting. The general idea is that after you have exploited a target, you run this script and it performs a variety of tasks that you would normally need to perform manually. Intersect will collect password files, copy SSH keys, enumerate processes and installed applications, gather detailed network information, map the hosts internal network (for pivoting),locate and identify common anti-virus and firewall applications and much more.

Intersect 2.0 Demo :  

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m_101 said...

First I heard about Intersect and I try to launch it in a VM:
"[*] This script *must* be executed as root. If not, there will be errors and/or crashes.
[*] Intersect will now check this kernel for possible privilege escalation exploits.
Possible exploits:
[+] The exploits above *might* allow you to gain root access.
[+] Intersect cannot be executed as a non-root user. Please run again while root."

LOL, epic fail, could not stop laughing. Good joke :).
What's the point of a privilege escalation exploit if you are already root? ^^"

The tool seem nice though from what I read, haven't taken the time to analyze the code though yet.