Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Canape v.1 Released

CANAPE is a network testing tool for arbitrary protocols, but specifically designed for binary ones. It contains code to implement standard network proxies and provide the user the ability to capture and modify traffic to and from a server.The core can be extended through multiple .NET programming languages to parse protocols as required and implement custom proxies.Canape was released during Blackhat Europe 2012 where Context presented Canape with a worked example against Citrix ICA. The whitepaper that accompanied the presentation can be read here .

CANAPE provides a couple of basic network proxy types for receiving application traffic.
SOCKS v4, v4a and v5
Basic HTTP proxy
Fixed proxy to a single location

The output of a proxy can also go to another proxy, whether it is HTTP or SOCKS.In addition to proxies CANAPE also supports the ability to develop custom network servers and clients so you can test client or server side networking. 


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