Monday, March 12, 2012

XSS ChEF - Chrome Extension Exploitation Framework

This is a Chrome Extension Exploitation Framework - think BeEF for Chrome extensions. Whenever you encounter a XSS vulnerability in Chrome extension, ChEF will ease the exploitation. 

What can you actually do (when having appropriate permissions)?
  • Monitor open tabs of victims
  • Execute JS on every tab (global XSS)
  • Extract HTML, read/write cookies (also httpOnly), localStorage
  • Get and manipulate browser history
  • Stay persistent until whole browser is closed (or even futher if you can persist in extensions' localStorage)
  • Make screenshot of victims window
  • Further exploit e.g. via attaching BeEF hooks, keyloggers etc.
  • Explore filesystem through file:// protocol
  • Bypass Chrome extensions content script sandbox to interact directly with page JS 
See for a demonstrational video.
BeEF hooking:

Download and more info:  -  @kkotowicz

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