Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Updates: NotMyFault, Process Monitor v3.01 and TestLimit v 5.2

NotMyFault: Notmyfault is a tool used in the Windows Internals books to show how common device driver bugs affect a system. This update includes numerous enhancements contributed by Dan Pearson, including new crash types, a revamped user interface, and it reports of the amount of pool it has leaked.

Process Monitor v3.01: This update to Process Monitor, a real-time file, registry, process and network monitor, adds decoding of several new Windows 8 file system control codes, including offload read and write, and now obtains image version information for 32-bit DLLs when run on 64-bit Windows.

TestLimit v5.2: Testlimit, a demonstration tool used in the Windows Internals books to illustrate resource usage concepts, has minor enhancements including filling memory that it allocates with an identifiable string.


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