Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updates: Autoruns v 11.3, LiveKd v 5.2 and Strings v 2.5

Autoruns v11.3: This update to Autoruns, a utility that shows the executables, drivers, and DLLs configured to autostart, adds several new autostart locations, sets a file association for its log file extension, reports the target of Rundll32 and other host executables, and fixes several bugs.

LiveKd v5.2: LiveKd, a command-line utility for performing live read-only debugging of the local system and virtual machines, now includes an option that has it generate a fully-consistent kernel dump file of a running system.

Strings v2.5: Strings, a command-line utility that dumps a file’s printable UNICODE and ASCII strings, adds an option to specify the starting offset in the file from where it will scan for strings.

source: http://blogs.technet.com

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