Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Metasploit v.4.4 Released

Metasploit 4.4 has had 101 modules added since Metasploit 4.3: 68 exploits, 22 auxiliary modules, 9 post modules, 1 payload, and 1 encoder.Metasploit Pro now features enhanced vulnerability verification, extended anti-virus evasion techniques for compromised hosts, and an array of back-end performance enhancements.

Notable new modules that have been added since Metasploit 4.3 include include modules for auditing CCTV systems, Windows PowerShell post modules, fuzzed Citrix opcode exploits, a MySQL authentication bypass, a Microsoft XML Core Services exploit, a Windows Group Policy Preference password-gathering post module, a F5 BIG-IP known public key authenticator, and many, many more.

In addition, Metasploit's Meterpreter has also seen significant improvements with this release, with a new encrypted Java Meterpreter, extended sniffing capabilities, and VC 2010 compatibility for Windows Meterpreter. 

Release Notes https://community.rapid7.com  

Download: http://www.metasploit.com