Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SpiderFoot v.2.0 Released

Open source Footprinting tool 

SpiderFoot is an open source footprinting tool, available for Windows and Linux. It is written in Python and provides an easy-to-use GUI. SpiderFoot obtains a wide range of information about a target, such as web servers, netblocks, e-mail addresses and more.

SpiderFoot is designed from the ground-up to be modular. This means you can easily add your own modules that consume data from other modules to perform whatever task you desire.
As a simple example, you could create a module that automatically attempts to brute-force usernames and passwords any time a password-handling webpage is identified by the spidering module.

Download:  https://github.com/smicallef/spiderfoot

More Info:  http://www.spiderfoot.net

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Sean Valjean said...

Wow this footprinting service would be a great help for improving the security in calgary based on linux. At least in my particular case I struggle with this.